We have volunteer opportunities for all ages that would enjoy helping on Sunday. Perhaps your grandchild would like to help you greet the visitors that morning or perhaps you prefer working in the kitchen to prepare and sample the refreshments for Coffee Hour. If you fancy arranging the altar flowers and vestments just so, front and center for all to see, we’ve got a place for you, too. Have a voice that can carry? Perhaps joining the list of lay readers is just the right fit. If you’ve got the inkling, we’ve got the job for you.


The Episcopal Church honors all ages and invites them to participate fully in worship. Acolytes may serve at the altar between the fifth grade and their graduation from high school. Training is done through the mentoring of fellow acolytes under the guidance of the acolyte master. Acolytes are scheduled quarterly serving approximately twice each quarter. They are also invited to participate in additional services such as Christmas and Easter. For information on how to participate contact Patrick Barlow, Acolyte Master.


The Altar Guild is responsible for setting up the altar for the Holy Eucharist and for keeping the altar and sacristy neat and clean. They are also responsible for the linens and vessels used for communion. This group of volunteers prepares the sanctuary for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, funerals, and weddings. As a team member on the rotating schedule, it usually takes two hours a month–one hour to setup and one hour to cleanup. There is on-the-job training working with someone who has experience. Come and volunteer to “take care of The Lord’s table."

For more information on how to participate, contact:

Sondra Blanford,

Mary McIntosh,


Greeters are members of St. Stephen's who welcome and invite the congregation and especially visitors into full participation in the life of St. Stephen's on Sunday mornings. Greeters introduce themselves and others by offering name tags, introducing visitors to the members and the facilities of St. Stephen's and accompanying visitors to coffee hour. They also gently encourage visitors to complete an information card so they can be contacted and shepherded further and begin the process of discovering how St. Stephen's can help meet their needs.

For information on how to participate contact:

David Boles (8:00 a.m. service).

Melissa Barlow (10:30 a.m. service).

Ushers are critical for helping people feel welcome at St. Stephen's. They distribute service leaflets, assist worshipers in finding a place to sit, assist worshipers in going to communion, take up the offering, and straighten the worship space after a service. 

Being an usher is a great way to get to know other people in the church.

For information on how to participate contact:

David Boles (8:00 a.m. service).

Mack Gray (10:30 a.m. service).


Lay people are an integral part of worship in the Episcopal church. Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) read scripture and assist priests with the Eucharistic celebration. They also lead morning and evening prayer during the week. Lay readers assist in all Sunday services and in weekday services on a rotating basis.

For information on how to participate contact: Charlotte Carter, Dean of Lay Eucharistic Ministries, or Sharon Neukam, Co-Leader.

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6000 FM 3237 • Wimberley, TX 78676 • 512.847.9956