Senior High Mission Trip

Senior High Mission trip update from our Family Life Minister:  (Sorry - Rules do not allow us to take any photos of the kids in residence.)

July 20 - Below is an article written about our Youth.  Please visit the Hibiscus Children's Center at to learn more. 

Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church Youth Group Volunteers at Hibiscus Shelter

Martin County, FL – The youth group from Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church spent last week volunteering at the Hibiscus Children’s Shelter.  But ... that's not the most amazing part!  This group of 13 high school teenagers, along with two group leaders, live in Wimberley, Texas.

The group drove to Jensen Beach to volunteer after Rev. Dr. Prince Altom, Family Life Minister at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church, learned about the Hibiscus Shelter from a local friend.   Dr. Altom shared with the Hibiscus staff that the youth group have been volunteering and helping kids in their own community for many years.  Dr. Altom believes strongly in teaching young people about service and having passion for helping others in need.  This was very evident in the week-long experiences the youth group had with our children, staff and volunteers.  The teens are a dynamic group of young people who are an inspiration and positive role models for other youth.

Staci Evans, Hibiscus Director of Shelter Operations, shared, “These wonderful teens played with our kids, helped clean up the Shelter, hosted fun activities, and lent a hand wherever they were asked to!  Kudos to this inspiring team of young people who have truly made a difference in the lives of our kids. Thank you for your dedication, generosity and hard work to help make the lives of abused children brighter”.

For more information about Hibiscus Children’s Center and our services, please visit us at: 

July 15 - Pool party for Hibiscus House kids with our group. (Photo sent with permission of HH staff for posting on St Stephens web site only)

July 14 -Below is a letter from the PR director at Hibiscus House. Her letter, the mission and vision statement and any photos could be posted on the web site. Ending another good day.

Hello Rev. Altom,  

It was great meeting you today at the Shelter.  Your team of young people are doing a great job!  It is so exciting to see youth helping other kids and giving their time in service.  We are very grateful for your support of the Hibiscus Shelter.

Attached are a few photos we took of the group today.   Enjoy the rest of your stay in Florida and have a safe trip home!


Tracy Savoia

Director of Public Relations

Hibiscus Children's Center

The Mission of Hibiscus Children’s Center is to maintain a safe shelter for children who are abused, abandoned and neglected by providing prevention, early intervention, and advocacy in quality residential, assessment and recovery programs.

The Vision of Hibiscus Children’s Center is to eliminate child abuse, neglect and abandonment.

July 13 - Washing the vans for the center today.

July 12 -  Our mission team with Tilton children's shelter in the background (part of Hibiscus House in Jensen Beach FL)   Just bought 19 movie tickets for $19.

July 11  - We are ending a good first day at the children's shelter in Jensen Beach. Field reporting is limited to iPhone because we have no internet. Each day we serve in three groups on a rotating basis. One group doing manual labor (painting today)  and two other groups in activities for either toddlers or mostly young elementary. The groups will mix and rotate on a daily basis. The children we are getting to know are precious. It is very sad that for no fault of their own they are institutionalized. Our loving presence is a small gift to them in THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES.



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Junior High Mission Trip Update!

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