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We are so pleased that you are considering celebrating your wedding at St. Stephen’s. We have two distinct processes, one for members of the church, and one for non-members. See below:

For more information, contact the Jeannetta Watson, wedding coordinator.


Funerals at St. Stephen's are commonly call "Celebration of Life."  The word “celebration” may seem a strange way to refer to a funeral service, but to the contrary, it is just that. We celebrate the deceased, rejoicing in the life lived and the opportunities we had to share in that. Of course there is sadness, “a time to cry, a time to laugh, a time to grieve” (Ecc.3:4).  


The Mission of the Celebration of Life Ministry at St. Stephens is to offer services to the family and friends of the one lost, honoring their wishes as they say goodbye.  In addition to the service, the ministry offers receptions for fellowship and support to all attending. Contact Nancy Jenkins for more information.


Celebration of Life photo 4.jpg

The Celebration of Life (Funerals) Ministry will coordinate the reception. To honor the deceased among our families and to comfort and show our love for those who have lost a family member, we offer a reception as part of the burial service at St. Stephen’s. 

The Celebration of Life Ministry is led by three teams on rotation and includes team captains: Barbara Rogers, Katy Shugart, and Mary McIntosh.

For information on how to participate, contact: Mary McIntosh.

How do I make preparations for the burial of a loved one?

First, contact the Church office at (512) 847-9956 Monday-Thursday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Holidays and weekends call the funeral coordinator, Nancy Cooke-Jenkins, 512-757-5759.

Our Rector will contact you and set up a time to meet at your earliest convenience.  It is customary to meet with the next-of-kin in most burial preparations. Following the initial meeting and setting the date and time, the Funeral Coordinator will be the contact person to assist with decisions and details.

May I make my burial plans in advance?

Yes!  Contact the Church office at (512) 847-9956, to set up an appointment with a Funeral Coordinator trained to assist with questions and decisions, at no charge to you.

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